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The stretched textures don't look good, try using tiled textures.

What do you mean?

are you talking about tiles or something? cuz i dun understand

a tile map


good game. Camera being little more farther would be great.

So you mean that the camera has to be a little further?

Like, higher or further?


higher i mean

Thanks! I will improve


Followed you to!

PS: Update me on your games pls!

Please follow me!


also please spread the word about my game, "Balance"


It's higher now.


nice... maybe u should add some levels. i couldn't find any ending to the level.

That's true. Seriously, i dun know what i should do. Any suggestions?


pls rate!

any new games

no new games for now..exams finally over... going to make one for cryptid gamejam..starts in 4 days. u should participate

Thanks! See your game!

Thanks a lot for rating my game too!

I'll participate in the cryptid game jam!

Maybe some inspiration..... , ,,,


And one for fun.......

And if you dun have money for dreadful whispers.......

Person whom i followed from:

Feel free to download! You don't have to pay anything.

Yay! I Got It Done!

Trying to upload it to webGL. I made this.